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Dating a widow feelings of being secondary

George Sands, Junior is a young werewolf in his mid-twenties, and Mitchell's best friend.

He also shares a close, sibling-like friendship with Annie.

He and Nina watch Annie being forced through the door and they, and Mitchell, later move to Wales because they are unable to stay in the house after losing Annie.

Having relocated to Barry Island, George and Nina start work at a new hospital, using the basement room of their new house for one of them to remain during the full moon.

Molly's subsequent terror after seeing him mid-transformation prompts George to look into a cure for his condition once again, only to change his mind once again when Annie reminds him that he will be unable to see her as a human.

Up until her death, she had been living with her fiancé Owen (whom she later revealed had been her third serious relationship, her previous two having ended when her first boyfriend posted naked pictures of her on the Internet and when her second boyfriend drunkenly invited her mother to form a threesome).This includes such measures as caging himself and taking tranquilisers before transforming, but this apparently only makes the wolf angrier, resulting in uncontrollable swearing and a more brutal mentality in his human form, as though the wolf was trying to "get out" in revenge for being "chained".Matters become even worse when he accompanies Sam Danson, his new girlfriend, to her daughter Molly's Parents' Evening, only to nearly transform at the school because he is unaware that the clocks had gone back; although he manages to maintain control of himself long enough to get back to the flat and be locked in his cage by Annie.(He would reflect later on that at the time he had never realised how important "boring" could be.) George is Jewish and wears a Star of David pendant.The pendant is able to hold back one or two vampires, but in greater numbers it becomes less effective; Mitchell is apparently immune to it due to the personal connection between him and George.

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