Dating a syrian man

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Dating a syrian man

A dowry is to be given directly to the family and at it's very lowest it now amounts to between four and six months of a young man's annual salary'There are no men anymore.It's really difficult for a woman to find a husband, a good husband.And if you do find a man, he's wearing military clothes.And even if you meet a man, you're thinking – what happens next? 'If he joins the army, everything is going to be difficult.But the men just want to have fun, to play sex.' Many of them are married.Most want 'just an affair, a sexual thing', complained Shukran.It happened to almost all the women I met in Damascus Another consequence of the conflict is that younger women have become prey to older men in their fifties and older who proposition them for affairs, sex, or a second marriage.It happened to almost all the women I met in Damascus.

We talk about a popular bar I'd gone to the previous evening to find lesbians dancing openly on the tables; even though homosexuality is technically illegal in Syria, it's hardly ever prosecuted. 'Even before the crisis here many women stay at home, or just went to an office or just wait for an opportunity to get married.

Countless young Syrian men, as a consequence, have been disappointed in love.

A taxi driver in Damascus – moonlighting from his university studies – explained that his own chance at marriage fell apart because of a dispute over the quality of the gold he bought his fiancé.'There was a problem about money.

Sometimes they spend a year or two without seeing their families.

And if he's lucky enough to be the only child, [only male children get an exemption from compulsory military service in Syria, which sometimes make them sought after] there are no jobs.'Even the young men who are still around aren't much of a prospect.

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