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Dating a girl with add

So, these data may reflect the debilitating effect that ADHD/ADD has on a child's typical school performance, which can result in grade retention and special class placement even for children who are quite bright and capable.Whatever the explanation, these data underscore how important it is for parents to insure that their daughter's educational needs are being carefully and adequately addressed.Overall, a significantly greater proportion of symptoms of inattention were present according to parents relative to either hyperactive/impulsive symptoms. Compared to girls without ADHD/ADD, girls with ADHD/ADD were more likely to be diagnosed with co-morbid conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and substance use disorders. bed wetting or day-time wetting) were also more common in the girls with ADHD/ADD.Overall, 45% of the girls with ADHD/ADD were diagnosed with at least one other condition.I think this may reflect that fact that achievement testing - which is done on an individual basis - tends to reflect the highest level of work that children are capable of.

Because rates of mood and anxiety disorders were similar to what has been found in boys, the authors speculate that in conjunction with the lower levels of disruptive behavior and hyperactive/impulsive symptoms, this may lead clinicians to diagnose girls with the former types of disorders rather than ADHD/ADD.For example, girls with ADHD/ADD were about 4 times as likely to be smokers.Girls with ADHD/ADD had scores on measures of intellectual functioning and academic achievement that were modestly lower than what was found in the non-ADHD/ADD girls.Only 4% of the girls with ADHD/ADD had more than 2 co-morbid disorders, however.Although the rate of co-morbid behavior disorders in girls with ADHD/ADD was high, it was still no more than half of the rate that has been previously reported for boys.

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In this study, the authors examined the clinical correlates of ADHD/ADD in girls so that similarities and differences with what has been found among boys with ADHD/ADD could be ascertained.

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