Cyrano dating agency movie review

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Cyrano dating agency movie review

The masterminds behind tailoring romantic scenarios for your needs.Seo Byung Hoon (Lee Jong Hyuk) directs his team to help match mates in order to raise money to save the Cyrano Theater.Despite their age difference, Lee Jong Hyuk has this great ability to seem a lot younger than he really is so in some ways I think their chemistry was okay even if it wasn’t electric.It was cute and frequently had that romcom bickering that we’re so used to.I get Hye Ri’s motive but I just don’t get Hawaiian Shirt Guy. Perhaps Episode 15 was too late to get into his story.

I did want the drama to address the fact that they were not only manipulating with people’s love lives but they were also making a profit.It would have been a more interesting dilemma for the agency especially since one of its own members becomes a client.How would Min Young feel about being set up after discovering that a client’s intention wasn’t so innocent?It’s just that this is the type of drama in which I want the nice, neat bow at the end. But there were too many storylines that were left floating in the wind that the last episode felt very rushed to get back on the track it needed to be in order for our characters to return where they needed to be. If I could rewrite the end, I would have had Moo Jin and Ah Rang kidnap Min Young as way of getting Byung Hoon to leap into action and prove that he loved her.(Seung Pyo and his goons celebrating with balloons as an added bonus.

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He crosses paths with a romanticist, Gong Min Young (Choi Soo Young), who just resist helping people fall in love.

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