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Set the mood by relaxing together and talking by firelight or candlelight. Reminisce over old photo albums or your wedding album. Between our five young children and Jason’s crazy work schedule, we only have one or two dates a month.So, this list will serve us well for the next 2-4 years.When my husband, Jason, and I first were married, I wanted to make dinner every night.I prided myself on being a great chef, but the problem was I only knew how to make one thing: pasta.Sadly, we’ve gotten to the point now that many of our dates are spent running errands or in the car taking longer than our meal to decide on a restaurant.

Remember, it's not the expense of the gift but the thought that counts!

The best romance is often free or nearly free because it is usually accompanied by a lot of creativity!

If you are in a romance rut, try one of these ideas to fan the flame.

Each night, I would open a box of pasta and pour the contents into boiling water.

I assumed that different shaped pasta was a different meal. Occasionally I would even change the flavor of sauce. About two and half months into our marriage, my sweet husband kindly asked if we could have anything other than pasta for dinner. In all my months of cooking, it never dawned on me that I served the same meal every night.

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