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If relaxation is what you’re looking for, choose from any of Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches – Playa Montezuma, Punta Uva and Manzanillo, to name a few.

This research looked at sources, fluxes and interactions of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus across the UK over the last 200 years.While the photographs looked stunning (on a clear day, both oceans are visible from the summit), I was especially intrigued by their description of the landscape surrounding the peak: curved valleys, moraines and other landforms often associated with glacial activity were visible as they were above the tree-line.There are certainly no glaciers there at present (apparently hail occurs occasionally at the summit) and Costa Rica can definitely be classified as a tropical environment today.Geology Jenga collects the science, career and science communication ramblings of Daniel and Laura, former Ph D students at the University of Liverpool.Geology Jenga will explore our (Laura and Daniel’s) research disciplines (Geophysics & Archaean Geology and Geography & Quaternary Science, respectively) but with the unique slant of highlighting opportunities where the sharing of knowledge and/or methodologies within disparate Earth Science disciplines could contribute towards a more holistic understanding of landscape evolution.

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