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So the world wondered after reported what it benevolently called a "poignant faux pas" committed by Rice at a recent D. And though nobody thinks Bush and Rice are "actually an item," we were nevertheless reminded that the unmarried Condi Whether this happened exactly as reported has since been questioned in a second leak—and in fact it seems that while Rice said the first thing, she didn't go on to say, "As I was telling President Bush." But as we see, whenever politicians make (or are suspected of making) Freudian slips, the media get very wound up.But how should we construe the meaning of such unintentional locutions in the political classes?Thus Condi's dinner-party slip provided the opportunity to vent some antagonism at her, but for all the wrong reasons.Bloggers ran the item alongside news photos of Bush embracing Rice; Condi was "wanting some hot monkey love from the Chimpanzee in Chief"; she'd probably better avoid Laura Bush for a while.

Given the vapidness that passes for political speech, it's easy to see how error becomes conflated with truth.Indeed, it's the only reason to watch presidential press conferences (when this president deigns to hold one) since aside from slip-ups, they're invariably devoid of content.Or so a "Week in Review" piece following the last Bush news conference acknowledged.And when Rice finally did testify under oath, what did we hear? If the media get whipped up when politicians make slips of the tongue, lining up to play the interpretation game, it's like co-dependents handing a corkscrew to an alcoholic: a form of complicity.Bush and Rice assure us that we're winning the war as the body count mounts, the administration vastly expands presidential power and executive secrecy, and the press keeps busy parsing sentences and monitoring slips, including jumping all over Bush for stumbling on the dumb press conference question about his "biggest mistake" since 9/11.

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In spite of the considerable disadvantages she encountered just by virtue of growing up black in The South during the days of Jim Crow, she somehow managed to overachieve, first academically, and then career-wise.