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Computer time updating software

Even fewer—just 38 percent—of regular users do the same.

Another research project analyzed software-update records from 8.4 million computers and found that people with some expertise in computer science tend to update more quickly than nonexperts.

In our first experiment evaluating the video, we conducted a month-long study to compare our video with an article of advice from security firm Mc Afee.

The video was effective for more of our participants than the Mc Afee article was.

Security company Qualys also failed to include that specific update in its list of the most important March updates.Our human tendencies and corporate policies worked against us.Research, including my own, tells us why, and offers some suggestions for how to fix it before the inevitable next attack.The companies putting out the updates don’t always help much, either.Of the 18 updates Microsoft released on March 14, including the Wanna Cry fix, half were rated “critical,” and the rest were labeled “important.” That leaves users with little information they could use to prioritize their own updates.

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The global ransomware attack called “Wanna Cry,” which began last week and continues today, could have been avoided, or at least made much less serious, if people (and companies) kept their computer software up to date.

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