Cofounder dating

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Cofounder dating

More than anything, people seem to think it’s really fun.

We’ve heard stories of friends sitting around and swiping through topics together for hours.

Aptly called Hater, the newest dating app on the block is approaching the market from a completely different angle.

Whereas most existing apps aim to match people on mutual interests and passions, Hater seeks to bring people together over mutual hatreds: slow-walkers, paying extra for guac—and yes, even Donald Trump. Sometimes they are petty, or embarrassing, but we’re doing ourselves a disservice by keeping them a secret until a second or third or fourth date.

But we were like, you know what, this is clearly just part of this world that we’re in right now.

We want this and want to make this happen.”The imaginary startup entrepreneur Keith Mann will come as little surprise to many women who have worked in tech (not to mention other industries), or anybody who has been keeping up with the news out of Silicon Valley lately.

“Whenever he spoke to us, he never used our names.”Rather than deterring them, these types of encounters just gave Gazin and Dwyer more motivation to push forward, and an opportunity to have some fun at the expense of tech bro masculinity everywhere.“I think we could have gotten pretty bent out of shape about that,” Dwyer says.

But it wasn’t just a tight budget that added friction to the slow crawl toward launching; the pair also faced their share of doubt from outsiders, spanning from the condescending to the outright sexist.“When we were getting started, we were immediately faced with ‘Are you sure? ’ or ‘That’s a cute idea.'”Regardless, the concept seems to be paying off.Witchsy, the alternative, curated marketplace for bizarre, culturally aware, and dark-humored art, celebrated its one-year anniversary this summer.The site, born out of frustration with the excessive clutter and limitations of bigger creative marketplaces like Etsy, peddles enamel pins, shirts, zines, art prints, handmade crafts and other wares from a stable of hand-selected artists.Earlier this year, they received a small investment from co-creator Justin Roiland and are working with him on creating some Witchsy-exclusive products.Gazin and Dwyer aren’t gunning for massive scale or fortune, but rather just want to offer a sustainable platform for artists to sell their work without censorship or too much extra noise. But along the way, Gazin and Dwyer had to come up with clever ways to overcome some of the more unexpected obstacles they faced.

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We just want people to laugh and have some fun when they meet online—just like in real life.

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