Christian carter dating tips

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Christian carter dating tips

you have to work for it with your time and your money AND you must be willing to open your mind to allow fresh new ideas inside.

I suppose that goes along with any great advice, right?

It was during the time when I was dating the Kid and it wasn’t going well. He gives advice, teaches women, has videos, articles and ebooks. I was one of those desperate women, looking for someone to tell them how they can keep a guy they really wanted to be with. Basically, it’s your fault the man doesn’t want you and you need to change your behaviour.

His site is called Catch him and keep him and he claims that he will teach you all the secrets you need to know about getting the man of your dreams and keeping him. Mr Carter is some sort of a celebrity in the dating world. First of all, they are all the same and they say one thing: you need to change, you need to be the goddess the man desires, or a cold bitch, or this and that.

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ou might not know this but I also run “The Approach“.

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I have one thing to say to that: if the guy doesn’t want you, he doesn’t want you. If the relationship is not working out it won’t, no matter what you’ll do.

This is especially important to remember at the beginning of the relationship.

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