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As we've seen so often, it's easy to maintain protections for ideals like free speech and due process when everyone's civil; the test comes when things get ugly.

And this case takes NU's surprising campus news to a new level.

According to prosecutors, Lathem had also sent a video to family and friends admitting his guilt.As WBBM Newsradio’s Dave Berner reports, prosecutors said Dean Milenkovic, 46, was really talking to an undercover investigator back in February, and not a middle school-aged girl from Iowa.Milenkovic was charged with felony grooming after sending naked photos and a sex video to the undercover investigator. Smith set Milenkovic’s bond at ,000 and banned him from using the Internet, Cook County State’s Attorney’s office spokesman Andy Conklin said.On the other hand, Lathem's coconspirator, Andrew Warren, an administrative employee at Oxford University's Somerville College, was merely suspended.If you can momentarily get past the horror-story details (the sleeping victim, the nearly decapitated head, the blood-spattered apartment), Lathem's dismissal raises an academic but nonetheless interesting question: Did Northwestern, in its haste to distance itself from this latest example of jarring professorial conduct, violate its own rules for terminating faculty?

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