Cheesy online dating pick up lines

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When you continue, it’ll be something she wasn’t expecting.Plus, she’ll do some quick calculations to figure out what you mean. When she finally does figure it out, give her a big smile and laugh.Then, when you finally see a woman take out her makeup, you’re locked and loaded.At first, she’ll wonder why you’re asking about her makeup.Plus, it hints at the “if I had the power, I would change the world for you” type of mentality.Most girls love to hear that, even if they know it’s in jest.However, if you know them a bit or want to mess with one of your friends, these are some great ones if you’re going for the shock factor.If it goes well, you’ve got them thinking naughty thoughts, so you’ve got that goin’ for you.

This can work because the wordplay shows a bit of wit and intelligence, but the obviousness of the wordplay is what gives it the characteristic groan when you hear it.

She’s looking at you, trying to figure out what you are doing but knowing there’s probably going to be a payoff.

After you touch her and nothing happens, she’s wondering what’s up. It’s just so silly that a lot of women probably can’t help laughing. Puppy dogs, Nicholas Sparks movies, and giggly babies often trigger that nurturing and caring aspect, so why not feed into that by giving her a cute pick-up line?

Even when she realizes it, you’re being a chivalrous lad by making sure she’s always going to look her best. Believe it or not, there are some pick-up lines that are downright romantic.

Granted, they still are pick-up lines, but even some of them can tug at the heartstrings of a woman.

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Then you drop the second half and it’ll take a second or two for it to sink in.

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