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"I think the last time they got one of those box fans with the three settings." Perhaps the most damaging testimony has come from Mr.

Crandall himself, who on Tuesday told police that while the couple was dating in 1977, Mrs.

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"We're talking coats, dishwashers, jewelry, sewing machines, bathroom cleansersyou name it." According to Agee, undercover agents spotted Crandall's husband handing her in cash at approximately 4 p.m., just 30 minutes after the two had sex.

Crandall then drove off in her car, returning home two hours later with five bags of groceries. "After tracking her for years, we finally had proof that she was buying all those goods with dirty money." During the arrest, Akron police officials entered the Crandall household and seized more than 150 items Mrs.

"Helen was very careful to cover her tracks," he said. "This kind of thing isn't as uncommon as we'd all like to think," Ohlmeyer said.

"She even got her husband to put her name on the bank accounts and credit cards." The Crandall case is not an isolated incident, said criminologist John Ohlmeyer, who said there are "literally millions" of such cases across the U. "A woman finds herself in a situation where she isn't employable.


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