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There’s been less and less risk taken with choreographers at dance companies. When’s the last time you heard really challenging music at a ballet performance?And I want to revive older works every year, like we did with Merce Cunningham.And so I think that women have been drawn to contemporary dance because it’s a more interesting field where you can see more interesting work.It draws upon more fields of art, there are more diverse influences.) and served two years as Director of Dance at the Paris Opera Ballet — and he says he’s bored with most of it.His company, the Los Angeles Dance Project, is performing at the Joyce Theater through June 25, and via a phone call from Paris he explained his frustrations with ballet, how LADP is different, and why popular work is not always good work.

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As the artistic director of your company, how do you address this issue? As a director, it’s your responsibility to give choreographers the right opportunity, and you have to drive them in the right direction with the work they’re gonna make and give them the rehearsal time they need. In the contemporary dance world, there’s a ton of female choreographers.

I’m really trying to find and showcase the talent that is out there. Next year, we’re doing work by a female choreographer who hasn’t been on the kind of trendy lists of choreographers. Some of the most successful modern dance choreographers have been women.

I don’t want to reduce the potential works we can dance, basically.

You’re working with Janie Taylor and Carla Korbes, two great ballet dancers who recently retired. Do you find that they’re more responsive to certain programming than others? There’s a lot of young people in this city who are interested in culture, and so it’s really fun for us to start in a place with no strong precedents for dance programming.

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We’re going to start to have dancers who can also do pointe work in the company.

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