Celebrities dating asian women

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Were these tycoons consciously courting Asian babes?

Do any of them qualify for the unnerving "yellow fever" or "rice king" moniker? But after two or three failed attempts at domestic bliss with women of like background and age, these heavy hitters sought out something different. Enter the doll-faced Asian sylph on the arm of a silver-haired Western suit. ) The excruciating colonial stereotypes — Asian women as submissive, domestic, hypersexual — are obviously nothing new.

"Historically, Asia provided certain sexual opportunities that would be much more difficult for Western men to have at home.

But it remains a happy hunting ground for them today," he says, citing one phenomenon in the northeastern region of Thailand called Issan, where 15 percent of marriages are between young Thai women and Western men well into their 60s.

Isn’t that interesting knowing your favorite star simply fall in love with an ordinary man or woman, may he or she is of other ethnicity.

Then, CBS head Leslie Moonves wed TV news anchor Julie Chen; Oscar winner Nicolas Cage married half-his-age third wife Alice Kim; billionaire George Soros coupled up with violinist Jennifer Chun; and producer Brian Grazer courted concert pianist Chau-Giang Thi Nguyen.

Add the nuptials of investment magnate Bruce Wasserstein to fourth wife Angela Chao and the pending vows between venture capitalist Vivi Nevo and Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang, and we've got a curious cultural ripple.

Here are some few of these popular celebrities who have Asian partners.

1) Kevin James Kevin George Knipfing, age 49, born Kevin George Knipfing in Mineola, New York, is an American actor, comedian, writer and producer, best known for his professional name as Kevin James.

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Why, then, are these women falling for rich white patriarchs?

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