Carbon dating flaws seal

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Carbon dating flaws seal

"*Arthur Holmes, in The Age of the Earth (1931), p.

431.(4) They declared that they could now prove the ages of the fossils in the rocks by the rock strata they were in.

granite/Saxony, East Germany dated at 2,500 million years.galena/Kazakhastan, USSR dated at a spread of 500 to 900 million years.The Silurian level is claimed to have been formed 435 to 480 million years in the past.The Tertiary level is claimed to have been formed 14 to 130 million years in the past.Bailey Ash/California, USA dated at 3.4 million years, vs.

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The following quotation may be somewhat difficult to understand because of its big words, but what it is trying to say is that radioactive dating is worthless in providing us with datings for anything in the history of our world (including the appearance of species, other events, or the age of the planet itself):"The literature contains few age determinations (perhaps no more than one) on syngenetic radionuclides from paleontologically defined stratigraphic units, and almost all radioactive age determinations are made on igneous, hydrothermally introduced, or secondarily transported minerals that cannot as a rule be referred to a precisely defined place in the stratigraphic succession.

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