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Camsexcity com

c) Stay in your stand and listen even if you can't see the deer anymore. I've read several posts about people hitting a deer, tracking it to the end of the blood trail, then not finding it. But I've seen nothing about hot to find the deer, if it could be alive, how far it might travel, etc. In my case I'm reasonably certain I inflicted a mortal wound.How long can a deer survive and travel with it's lungs torn up by an arrow? How far past that point would it be reasonable to look? This is for those who have lost the blood trail, One thing few people realize is that when a deer lays down, it's metabolism directs blood flow to the stomach area and food digestion sets in.As i released the arrow he took a step, and the shot went back about 6 inches farther than expected. After the shot he ran 20 yards and stopped and hunched up with his tail between the legs and his head Hung I thought he would expire.I had hair and blood on the broadhead and fat on the shaft. I gave it a couple of hours and walked the blood trail, for about 300 yards. ok I've been hunting whitetail in the northwest for almost 20 years deer like to crawl under bushs into blackberry thickets anywhere they think you won't go I started in 87 with a 308 Mauser took mostly heart shots now it's neck neck shots with iron sights at 50m or more don't walk up to a deer after you put a round or arrow into it keep your distance let it stop breathing on the occasion they don't die within an hour or 2 I use an old 45gov don't leave the deer over night unless you take a shot just before dark if it's getting dark trail it deer aren't migratory it'll feed in the same place in the morning just don't spook it lay down and sleep there for the night is the best way Went on my first bow hunt Oct,31 2010 got my first kill. He stayed hunched up for over 5 min then proceeded to walk away extremely slow.I found another spot about a 1/4 mile from last blood that it bedded down and bled real nice but no deer. I shot one tonight and had to track it in the snow. No fat or hair on the arrow just blood.field dressed him and found out I hit a main artery and 1 lung due to the angle of my shot. Anyone have advice or a explanation or similar experiences .....advice plez........ By following spray and general direction of travel showen by upturned leaves found the big boy about 90 yds. I was so locked into the blood trail that I almost stepped on him. I practiced like hell this year, including from height of stand.Thank goodness there was some snow because the blood trail was not very good. Hey Bill you should have stayed with the animal and took a second shot to end the hunt and the animals yes the arrow if still in the beast it will act like a plug and hold the blood flow internally depending if and what vanes or arteries are damaged if no vital origins where hit what kind of braudheads you are using can make I difference too Vince, I had the same thing happen to me and I gave the deer all night to expire. Still looking, not what to expect other than I am frustrated and dispointed. am heard a large animal coming up the trail,ever so slowly a large bodied buck followed the scent trail right to the my drag line and scent canisters. Got off bad shot today with rage expandable (first and last time using). it was 20 yrds right beside me, i shot with my muzzleloader.Unfortunately the ground isn't always covered by snow. This will allow you to easily find the arrow and the beginning of the trail. Get Help a) A second person can help you line everything up.There is quite a bit of information that can be used to figure out where the arrow hit. This can be very useful when the deer was in some tall grass or an open area. c) Another person will keep you from being impatient and making bad decisions due to your excited state of mind.

Well a large portion of the snow melted and so did my blood trail. Almost all the deer I have killed, I have killed with one shot and have never had to track one. Back tracked to find my arrow next to a tree where I shot him. And have done several robin hoods on my target at home. Waited till this a.m and followed good blood till the creek then dried up. how ever i couldn't find my arrow which makes me believe that it could be clotting the blood up perhaps? later took up [email protected] first appeared to be no blood but if you looked closley @leaves you could see small spray drops which means lung hit.Deer Hunting - Shot Placement Optimal Tree Stand Height Tips For Finding Shed Antlers Deer Running With Tail Down After Shot Deer Seeing Lights How to Track Deer After the Shot Deer Movement Patterns Are Wolves Killing All The Deer Can calls scare bucks off? If I shot a deer yesterday, is it okay to hunt in the same place today? Deer Hunting: Neck Shot or Behind the Shoulder An important and exciting part of hunting is the tracking of the animal after the shot. White Hair on Ground Buffalo County Earn-a-Buck Is it dead?I was way up in a tree and its like the arrow hit the other shoulder and that is why the arrow did not go all the way through? By now the deer was barely bleeding and there is no snow to track it.I need to find this deer because it is dying or is dead.

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