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Nup, apparently the babe was disappointed with Matty J from the second she met him on the mansion’s driveway, telling us she had her heart set on fireman Cam Cranley being the Bachelor babe for 2017.How did it feel to finally walk down the driveway to your freedom?

It was an issue that was building and it’s a shame that didn’t make TV because I think it would give a very different dynamic to what is going on in the mansion.

And [the sweet side] tends to happen around Matty, the whole cutesy cutsey thing. I don’t think she is being 100 per cent herself with Matty or around the other girls. I am not dating Jake Ellis at this current time, no. There is no animosity on my side, I only hope he’s really happy with the person that he chose.

She has a little bit of nasty streak and we’ll see if that’s to come out. I mean I was quite happy to go into the rose ceremony and if [Matty] offered me a rose go, "Nah mate, no thanks.” I was happy to take the risk and go to the rose ceremony and actually let Matty send me home. How did you find out about the situation with Lisa? I was sitting in my bedroom doing sit-ups and Lisa and Elise walked into Florence’s room, which is right next to mine, and [they] were talking about Matty.

I mean, yeah, I don’t think he was into me, but I still made top nine and I can guarantee that’s because I literally commentated half the show and made it interesting for Australia.

If you didn’t have me it would have been all hearts and kisses and how boring would that be? If I had to pick the person I would prefer to win it would be Laura.

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That’s a shame, because at the beginning it appeared Matty was so keen on Lisa. Oh, no I think there is definitely filler kicking around.