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Briggs and stratton engine dating

This site contains tips and advice on repairing and servicing many types of Briggs and stratton small engines. It is recommended that before carrying out detailed work on your engine, that you purchase the relevant Briggs and Stratton Repair Manual for your engine. The tips and advice published on this site are meant soley as an aid.

The repairer carries out all work entirely at his or her own risk.

No responsibility for damage to property or injury is held by those involved with the site.

If compression is low, follow the relevant repair manual section to service the compressive components.

First detach the spark plug lead from the plug to prevent accidental starting.

If the engine has a clutched starter mechanism which would interfere with turning the engine over backwards, remove the cowling and starter assy.

Ensure that any engine brake or other resistance is disengaged. It should bounce back again at the point of compression.

If it does, compression is not the starting problem.

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This guide is aimed at systematically and correctly diagnosing why an engine fails to start. Before going through any of the other diagnosis topics, check for fuel flooding evidence as detailed below.