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Fed up with her disrespect, crew leader Tuck (Black Thomas) expels her, meaning... Abetted by Chase in a "Meet Your New Best Friends" montage, Andie invites MSA's misfits to join (one's geeky, another too tall, another too stunty, not to mention Asian-Latino-and-black); within minutes, they're all agreed to aim for The Streets, a dance contest that comes up at any time and any place, announced just minutes beforehand, rave-like, by text messages to approved cellphones.

In the sequel, the crasher is Andie (Briana Evigan), orphaned and unconvincingly angry, and especially resentful of her guardian, dead mom's best friend Sarah (Sonja Sohn, poorly served by this mess).

Now the team can prepare in earnest: let the rehearsal montages begin.

It's not a little obvious that the Step Up franchise means to keep a Disneyfied hand in the apparently inexorable dance movie cycle.

But then her team checks out the competition at a club one night, going so far as to engage in an ill-advised pre-Streets contest and so reveal just how corny and unprepared they are.

This sets them up for the usual ridicule and moment of despondency, alleviated when the best Latina friend, Felicia (Danielle Polanco), has her own falling out with Tuck over his big-bullyness and throws in with MSA.

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For the last scene, all the usual plot points grind into gear: Sarah forgives Andie's sneaking around at the crucial moment when her team needs her most; the team (all except Chase working as waiters during MSA's big fundraiser) decides to reject the school and show their Streets mettle; and the climactic number is set during a torrential downpour, allowing for all kinds of great effects that couldn't possible have been rehearsed on the film's many other sunny days.

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  1. A good example from today: Season 15's Bachelor (and former Bachelorette Emily Maynard's ex) Brad Womack and the creatively-spelled Ash Lee Frazier, the third-runner up from this past season featuring Sean Lowe, are going out.