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Boston dating blog

New York also has all-night public transportation and cheap cabs. Some of those people are very nice despite their boundaries.

There will also be some real idiots out there who see dating outside of the "crayon box" as some sort of exciting science project. There will also be people who share your goal of finding someone awesome, no matter what color they are or where they come from. Some of those men might be scared to approach you, but that might not have anything to do with race. I'd add that a lot of your other dating issues -- especially the sex stuff -- are also pretty typical.

After realizing that I wanted more than to be their guilty pleasure, I would end it.

I've had white male friends who I get along with great as friends.

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However, getting to that point was only half the battle. I think a lot of surprisingly wonderful relationships could be had if people weren't afraid to step inside or outside of the "crayon box." There have been many instances where I'll overhear a white guy telling his friends how "hot" he thinks I am or after having way too many beers obnoxiously yell "I love Black chicks! Almost all of my relationships, serious or otherwise, have been within my race.

" Not including the annoying drunk guy -- why won't non-black men approach me if there is physical interest? However, I've always been open to dating men outside of my race.

It escapes me as to why black men are able to easily, quickly, and openly approach and date women outside of their race, yet it's so difficult and rare for non-black men to do the same with black women. Is Massachusetts just as conservative when it comes to dating?

My advice is to keep dating, approach men who appeal to you, be clear about your intentions, and get to know people well. How can she approach men outside of her "crayon box" without having to wonder whether they're taking her seriously?

Someone who cares about you, understands your goals, and has earned your trust isn't going to want to use you as an experiment or a friend with benefits.

When I go to NY, it's very common to see mixed race relationships involving black women. Why are non-black men afraid to approach black women that they are attracted to?

Are we seen as nothing more than "angry black women"...even sex-crazed video vixens waiting to fulfill some secret chocolate craving?

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Luckily, those people tend to expose themselves pretty quickly by getting drunk and yelling things like, "I love black chicks! Guys who seek friends with benefits, guys who fixate on the hookup portion of a date -- that's all typical Love Letters stuff, isn't it?

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