Bosanski sex chat

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Bosanski sex chat

– Keep discussion polite, reasonable and constructive. volunteer to the front of your request – Keep discussions here polite, please :) – No public logging HWY_bot stalks all current Featured Articles for Wiki Project Highways, as well as all pages within its projectspace. list to get the full list of pages sent to you in a PM.– If nobody is here leave a message at the Wiki Project's talk page: Wiki Project_Arkansas – If you don't want to post to wiki, then send Coffee (the project's coordinator) a memo with Memo Serv. (WARNING: may take 20–30 minutes)The developement channel for the Unblock Ticket Request System – Tool: .ly/Jag Dx H Beta: .ly/Jag Ocf – Team email: [email protected]– JIRA: .ly/Jd Oqs E – CIA-* now talks : D --DQWelcome to the UTRS channel – Tool: Very Slow at points.Live feed of abuse filter matches – Interface: Abuse Filter – Watch for false positive reports: Abuse_filter/False_positives – Bot status: Up Welcome to the IRC channel for the dispute resolution noticeboard – Need help, guidance or have a question? Login: .ly/z9ktq L Request Account: .ly/w90g Ml – Contact the Devs at [email protected]– Please note tool access is only open to active English Wikipedia Administrators. Canal principal de Wikipedia en español - Info: WP: IRC - Peticiones a bibliotecarios: !biblio · en privado: #wikipedia-es-biblios - Ayuda: #wikimedia-ayuda - Otros: #wikipedia-es-tecnica · #wikimedia-social-es · #cvn-wp-es · #wikipedia-es-abusos · uso intensivo: #wikipedia-es-bots Canal de concursos de Wikipedia en español, usado para la coordinación de los organizadores y la atención a los participantes · Portal: WP: L · Canal principal de Wikipedia en español: #wikipedia-es Atención, canal registrado: v=cr PNf BKFWX8Currently a recent changes channel for a bot that will send messages to assist administrators and users.This channel is not official yet nor has consensus been determined. – #cvn-wikidata is the official recent changes channel, but has a different type of changes feed.The bot can be controlled by anyone with wikimedia cloak.It is possible to define a list of pages to watch, and the bot will then report the changes in simple format directly to the channel on freenode, providing a link to the diff.

y coordinación de los wikiproyectos correspondientes: Qlcm48w - Diviértete con Wikidata Game: - Propuesta de diseño para Wikidata: https:// UI_redesign_input Bienvenido/a al canal de Wikiproyectos de Wikipedia en español· Canal para uso de los wikiproyectos que deseen celebrar encuentros puntuales, que no requieran un canal propio o que estén evaluando la conveniencia de crearlo· Info: Wikiproyectos · Canal principal de Wikipedia en español: #wikipedia-es Discussion of; internationalization of Media Wiki software; Translate extension and other localisation extensions support for devs, translation admins and users. Home for the community for technical support, development and other discussions on wiki bots, wiki templates, mediawiki software and other software used by the Wikimedia community (see also Tech).Here wikimedians can also check, ask, report technical problems or issues and sysadmins will see. instead for a full feed from all repositories, including Phabricator updates. (Formerly, it was the channel of the software development team at the Wikimedia Foundation, originally renamed from #wikipedia_usability.)Team Practices Group channel for anyone to discuss engineering/product development practices, processes, philosophy, theory, etc, as it pertains to Wikimedia and beyond.Also used for Team Practices Group team coordination/conversation. The following channels are for discussion of specific tools developed (or under development) for use on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.These channels (like all the others on this page) are not owned, operated, or affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation. They should be moved/sorted above where appropriate, mentioned in other sections where inactive but of historical interest, or removed if abandoned or otherwise deprecated.Wikilang - proposed wiki project to freely share and document all languages - including endangered languages - Lang/Main_Page - see also Wikimedia Indigenous Languages (WIL) - - Please help save the Kirundi Wikipedia ! Contrib team events ( .mp/contribevents) – Contrib e-mail address is [email protected]/[email protected] – .mp/Wikimedia JP – UTF-8 – - æ—¥æœ¬å›œå† ã®ã‚Šã‚£ã‚­ãƒ¡ãƒ‡ã‚£ã‚¢é–¢ä¿‚çµ„ç¹”é–“ã®é€£çµ¡ã‚„ã‚¢ã‚ŠãƒˆãƒªãƒŒãƒæŽ»å‹•ã«é–¢ã—ãŠè©±ã—ã‚ã†å Žæ‰€ã§ã™ã€‚æ¯Žé€±æ—¥æ›œæ—¥ã®æ­£åˆã‹ã‚‰1時間皋床定䟋䌚合をもっおいたす。Welcome to Wikimedia New Zealand IRC channel – –Meetup in Auckland: 25 June Meetup/Auckland– Draft Constitution for Wikimedia New Zealand written will need some work: –9 Supporters, 6 To Go – Meetup happened, see minutes Du bist vermutlich hier gelandet, weil du keinen Zugang zu #wikimedia-otrs-de, einem privaten Channel des Support-Teams, hast.

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