Big search engine index dating

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Also as part of the deal, Info Space acquired rights to Web Crawler.

Ask Jeeves (now purchased the portal in 2004. Originally it was a highly regarded directory of sites that were cataloged by human editors.

This school project eventually led to Excite’s commercial release as a crawling search engine at the end of 1995.In 1999, Excite was sold to broadband provider @(later becoming [email protected]) as part of a .7 billion merger after its traffic started to decline with the release of Google in 1998.With significant debts, [email protected] filed for bankruptcy in October 2001 and sold its high-speed network to AT&T for 7 million.With solid growth in 1996, Excite purchased Web Crawler and Magellan.Toward the end of the 1990s, Excite partnered with MSN and Netscape providing search services.

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In 1994, Brian Pinkerton, a Computer Science and Engineering student at the University of Washington, used his spare time to create Web Crawler.