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Best intro line for online dating

“Hey.” Similarly, in 2009 Ok Cupid analyzed over 500,000 first messages, looking at at keywords and phrases, discovering it's actually better to use no traditional salutation at all and jump right into chatting. Even though space on your online dating profile is limited, there are ways to convey your personality, whether it's through a picture or a quote on your bio.Dating apps like Hinge and Coffee Meets Bagel make this a lot easier with icebreakers and questions to answers. "Here are some real conversation starters that work for daters, because we're all better than a "hey! Many people consult a group of friends before sending a message, so why not outsource emotional investment to a professional source?Fear of rejection paralyzes millennials, which is why dating apps are so popular; there’s very little at risk.Sure, they're an easy, simple, and harmless first line (especially considering the aggressive messages out there), but sometimes these first messages on dating apps just lead to a dead end.In 2015, Hinge did an experiment to find out which opening lines work where their copywriters and data analysts wrote up over 100 original openers.Luckily, there are a ton of options out there to stand out with an original conversation starter, from asking about an interest to commenting on a picture of their cat to using emojis and GIFs.

If you've ever used a dating app or site you're well aware that the generic "Hey! " openers don't always lead to the best conversations."For example, while it’s no longer the case, Coffee Meets Bagel used to give a canned question, inviting people who matched to answer (for example “What’s your favorite pizza topping?? Online dating is great fun, but still instigates a maze of awkward messaging, sweaty palms and racing hearts as you start to talk to a potential date.By purchasing prepared lines, there’s no rejection possible, since they didn’t form the words they’re sending.As ghosting becomes the norm, especially in New York, this app even offers relationship enders.

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