Bae yong joon choi ji woo dating

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Bae yong joon choi ji woo dating

At some point I might add some of my favorite scenes to You Tube at least, so people can get an idea of the type of acting in this show. The biggest reason to watch this is for Bae Yong Joon.He's just a gorgeous looking animal in this piece (or at least I think he is). It's no wonder he became so popular an actor after this show.Will Hyo Kyung remain faithful to Chan Hyuk or will she turn to Chan Woo for comfort and support?Waiting patiently in the wings for Chan Woo to notice her is Suk Hee Kang (Choi Ji Woo, Twenty Again) who has never given up on her love for Chan Woo.I believe they often do this in the dramas, deliberately make the leading lady look prettier than the second female lead.Most of the time I don't mind this, but here I did!

On the positive side it is a pretty well developed plot and the relationships make sense and are very realistic.

She works in the business her brother Kang Suk Jin (actor Park Sang Won from Sandglass and Healer) has built himself from the ground up.

Will they join forces with Chan Woo against Hyo Kyung's family, and will Chan Woo ever wake up to notice which woman truly loves him?

When Chan Woo discovers that his high school crush Hyo Kyung Lee (Lee Seung Yeon) is dating his older brother Chan Hyuk (Choi Soo Jong), his heart breaks and he has difficulties even looking at her or conversing with her afterward, though she tries to continue to be friendly with him.

She simply seems to prefer the softer artist brother Chan Hyuk to the often stern looking, and hard working, muscular Chan Woo.

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His career mushroomed after this and today he is running a well known talent agency helping young stars flourish in the business.

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