Average years of dating before marriage

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“I have a few 20-something clients," adds Danielle Bobish, a wedding planner with Curtain Up Events.

“I think a lot of people are realizing that if they’ve met the person they want to be with the rest of their lives, why wait on that?

We should just get married,’” says Ashley Chamblin, owner and wedding planner at Ashley M Chamblin Events in Brooklyn.

People get married later because they are living together earlier,” says Maxwell Cooper.This hits on a key distinction between New York City couples and those elsewhere -- whether New York couples are headed for marriage or not, a higher percentage of them end up living together early on because it makes so much financial sense.This is true especially of younger couples who are struggling to make ends meet.Kaplan, whose company has branches in other major cities, like Los Angeles and Chicago, is digging into a stereotype embraced and touted like a badge by young New Yorkers: marriage in New York City is different than the rest of the country.We think of marriage as something that would get in the way of our careers, or our fun single lives (there’s always someone even MORE spectacular just a swipe away!

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“People who get married [in their 20s in New York] are really going to struggle later on, unless they have a good head on their shoulders,” says Emma Viglucci, CFT, LMFT, CIT, founder & director of Metropolitan Marriage & Family Therapy.

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