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And, finally, you find polls done of all Americans demonstrating that plenty of families don't want their sons or daughters marrying atheists.

There are many sad states of affairs."So the point here isn't to show that some states suck for atheists worse than others.

It's not like it's easy to be an atheist anywhere in the U. Atheists are the most distrusted and disliked of all minority groups -- more than blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, immigrants, and gays and lesbians -- and polls show that Americans are less likely to vote for an atheist than they are for a person in any other minority or marginalized category.

And this hostility can have serious consequences, in the form of harassment, bullying, ostracism, vandalism, alienation from family, loss of jobs, and more.

But to be honest, there are parts of the country where being an atheist really isn't all that awful. There's some bigotry, some discrimination, a fair amount of misunderstanding and even hostility... And then, there are some parts of the country where being an atheist sucks. Now, to a great extent, how badly it sucks to be an atheist may not depend on the state you live in.

It's sort of like the red-state/blue-state myth: cultural differences in the United States break down more along urban/rural lines than they do along state lines.

and is still digging in its heels, devoting extensive time and resources to defending their promotion of religion? And this story isn't just about a school administration insisting on its right to unconstitutionally establish religion.Where in December of 2009, Cecil Bothwell couldn't even get elected to the Asheville City Council, without people trying to invoke laws -- antiquated laws overruled by the Supreme Court, but laws nonetheless -- banning him from taking office because he's an atheist. The public high school that got asked to take the banner down by 15-year-old atheist high school student Jessica Ahlquist, since it's an unconstitutional promotion of religion by government?The public high school that's digging in its heels and hanging on to the banner, despite decades of unambiguous legal precedent making it clear that they're in the wrong?Is it easier to be an atheist in New York than in Texas? but it may also be easier if you're in Austin, Texas than if you're in rural upstate New York.Many atheist and secularist leaders I spoke to stressed this point.

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When we put up a factual, non-controversial billboard that said, 'Millions are Good Without God,' it was vandalized twice!

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