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Full autonomy was granted in 1979 with the establishment of the autonomous community of Catalonia.In 2006 Catalonia was granted “nation” status and given the same level of taxation responsibility as the Spanish central government.The establishment of democratic rule in Spain after Franco’s death did not lessen Catalonia’s desire for autonomy, and in September 1977 limited autonomy was granted to the region.The pro-autonomy party was founded the following year, and it served as the dominant political force in Catalonia over subsequent decades. The autonomous community of Catalonia was established by the statute of autonomy of December 18, 1979.The government consists of a Generalitat (an executive council headed by a president) and a unicameral parliament.A compromise was worked out with the central government, and in September 1932 the statute of autonomy for Catalonia became law.Catalonia played a prominent role in the history of Republican Spain and in the ’s government adopted a repressive policy toward Catalan nationalism.

With Madrid continuing to oppose his efforts, Mas called for snap regional parliamentary elections to be held in September 2015.Spain’s Constitutional Court struck down portions of this autonomy statute in 2010, ruling that Catalans constituted a “nationality” but that Catalonia was not, itself, a “nation.”Many Catalans, frustrated at the management of the Spanish economy throughout the , continued to push for increased fiscal independence from the central government.In 2013 the Catalonian regional parliament passed a measure calling for a referendum on independence from Spain to be held in 2014.By 1913 Catalonia had won a slight degree of autonomy, but the legislation conferring it was repealed in 1925 by .The Esquerra won a sweeping victory in the municipal elections of 1931, and two days later its leader proclaimed a Catalan Republic.

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