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One thing all of them have in common is the gross misunderstanding and/or manipulation of White male privilege.Many well known PUA gurus exclusively target Asian FOBs in order to artificially inflate their sense of self-worth and “number” in order to feel that they’ve achieved mastery over women, when in fact it’s not their superior “game” or “social skills, its just that they have first world advantages that someone from the third world would gravitate to.I was surprised to see that this blonde was actually an Asian woman, and even moreso when she interrupted me with an abrupt “I don’t date Asians” and turned back to her friends and laughed.In that same night, I was talking to this beautiful woman and things were going pretty well, when this jock muscled his way over, put his arm around my shoulders and said to her “you don’t want this guy,” as he drunkenly pointed at me “because he’s got a small dick.” The saddest thing about this story is that, as an Asian-American man, you probably immediately related, remembering instances where this has happened to you.

While we Asian men are not being lynched or owned as slaves, Whites still hold an inordinate amount of power over non-Whites, and especially Asian men, in many facets of society. Theorists differentiate it from racism or prejudice because, they say, a person who may benefit from white privilege is not necessarily racist or prejudiced and may be unaware of having any privileges reserved only for whites.” In other words, you don’t have to be racist to enjoy White privilege – you just have to be White.We’ll present these matches to you so that you can choose who you would be interested in meeting.Then Glow will help you to set up the first date that could change your life forever.I wasn’t aware that they were handing out free Lamborghinis and babes to all Whites. What can you really call a white man that really digs deep? Boy, shouldn’t called me a cracker, bringing me back, owning land and people, what a drag. Take, for example, the last five Hollywood blockbusters you saw. If there wasn’t a White guy being bad and buff, there was a Black guy doing the job, because “racism is bad and Blacks are the only other race that exists outside White people, so let’s throw them a bone to get the NAACP off our backs”.Why are you saying I have it easy when my life actually sucks? ” So to those who are confused as to what White privilege actually means, let me expound on the matter. Other than martial arts movies and foreign films, there is nary an Asian-American man to be seen as the savior of the world and buxom blonde babes. Look at the recent explosion of K-pop onto the American scene.

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This isn’t me just whining because I’m not a White guy in America and boo-hoo, another rant on racism, so everybody feel bad for the Asian guy. This is usually the part where I’ve offended people.

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