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Put the past behind you OK, so you’ve had your share of heartbreak and disappointment, but don’t assume that every relationship is going to end in the same way.Onwards and upwards, as they say, the next one could be the right one.3.So take a sheet of paper, find 20 minutes of free time and write down those most important qualities you want your Mr Right to have, but don’t set your sights too high, no one is perfect.Knowing what you want is one of the most important steps in attracting a perfect partner.5.There are hundreds of thousands of good guys out there searching for someone just like you, so just be patient, it’ll come.Feel free to share your own dating knowledge on how to get a boyfriend or how to attract Mr Right in the comment section below. It is very popular in Greece, especially in the summer, but it can also be served hot, “ZESTO NES”.

Enjoy your own life first, and then someone will want to enjoy it with you.7.

This summer I had the privilege of being my sister’s maid of honor in her wedding.

The wedding was beautiful, and I have very happy to say I have a brother!

Some say that there is a Mr Right out there somewhere for everyone, a true soul mate, true love.

If you believed that there was only one though, we wouldn’t blame you for giving up!

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