Are kim and jack dating

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Are kim and jack dating

I cant be mad at my best friend Jack: *laughs* thanks. Jack: are you really jealous of my girlfriend I mean we have been dating for months and now you seem upset Kim: do I seem upset? I would think you would be jealous of my boyfriend…..

'""Ya, well, making Kim happy IS my thing." Jack replied, smiling and putting his arm around me. Milton 'awed' so Jack looked at him weirdly, then he got a look of disgust on his face, "I mean, ew, get a room guys! He was walking out but stopped when he came close to where I was standing. Jack: I don't know about that milton…lots of guys would kill to go out with kim Eddie:like you? Milton: to make jack jealous just like hes making kim jealous Jack: what? Jack: you and kim are a couple now Brad: no were not Jack: *turns to look at kim who is just about to cry*Kim: I…I *runs crying*Brad: umm im just going to go Jack: kim did lie Donna: who cares about kim! A Instagram snap taken from the weekend showed Nina and Jack enjoying the festivities with friends - among them Jack's sister Sailor - who was ringing in her 19th birthday with their friends at The Surf Lodge.Mail Online have contacted Nina and Jack's representatives for comment.

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She told Mail Online: 'We have not said hello to him but we hope that he behaves towards her.

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