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Antonio cupo dating

After months of searching, Betty finally finds Kate, but is met with resistance from Kate's father, who is later accidentally killed in a struggle.Betty and Kate cover up his death and Kate returns to her old job.A propaganda newsreel is being filmed at Victory Munitions, and to her chagrin, Betty is chosen to be the spokesmodel for the factory.When the newsreel portrays her as a housewife with children, Betty is upset and angry with the director; she later confesses to Kate that she wishes she could be "that girl" in the film.After a one-night stand with a mysterious gentleman, Sandy soon finds herself engulfed in new scandal when she discovers he is actually Karen's husband, Sam, a candidate in the county elections and questioningly linked to an ongoing murder investigation.

Amidst the chaos following Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, the girls on Blue Shift find themselves facing their own challenges.Gladys' parents discover she has been lying to them about her job at the factory and conspire to have her fired, while James is recruited into the military.Her affair with Marco has left Lorna pregnant, and she is at odds with how to deal with it.Lifetime Original Movie The Good Mistress premieres on Saturday, February 15 at 8 p.m. The cast includes Annie Heise, Kendra Anderson and Antonio Cupo.Sandy, a young woman, struggling to recover from alcoholism and a terrible car accident, moves to a new town, where her high school friend, Karen, has offered her a job.

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  2. Police apparently moved him along (transcript by TV Eyes): JANE SKINNER: breaking election news, we have reports of possible voter intimidation in some way — pennsylvania. RICK LEVENTHAL: i do not even know where to begin, but we have reached a polling place in the city of philadelphia.