Andy stanley no dating for one year

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The problem is that Jesus and the Apostles repeatedly warned against those who would proclaim a different gospel or a different Jesus.

A Jesus who is not eternally God, as Arius taught, is most certainly a different Jesus than the one revealed in Scripture.

Actually it might be better to say he’s no longer hiding his theological liberalism.

Andy Stanley is easily one of the top five most influential pastors in America, and maybe top 2-3.

In reviewing Andy Stanley’s sermon (titled Brand: New), Chris exposed how Stanley downplayed the “sacred” in Christianity and that the bible supports the Seeker Sensitive church model.

As Chris Rosebrough pointed out, nothing could have been further from the truth. Below the sermon review is a good article expressing and addressing the issues with Andy Stanley’s teaching.

Liberalism has always denied essential doctrines of the Christian faith in order to make the faith more palatable to unbelievers.

The problem is that if people don’t believe in the God who has revealed in Himself in Scripture, if they don’t believe in the Jesus revealed in Scripture, they are not in Christ, no matter what they call themselves.

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Even in the Bible Belt, it will be more costly to deny evolution than embrace it.