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A criticism of early mandated reporter laws was that they were narrow and specific.For instance, the first laws only required medical personnel (such as doctors and nurses) to report their suspicions.Anti-abortion activists, however, argued that clinics were getting around that law by simply posting that information on their websites.The new bill would expand the amount of information that must be provided to patients, and mandates that it be printed on white paper, with black ink in 12-point Times New Roman font.Please contact the state-specific point of contact for more detailed information.Each year, states and other grantees are asked to provide an update of any changes in childcare and school entry vaccination requirements.

Mandated reporters are individuals required by the law of a given state to report concerning suspicions.

You may have heard the term “mandated reporter” and wondered: Am I a mandated reporter? This article will explain what a mandated reporter is and why there are mandated reporters.

We’ll also discuss the social worker’s role as mandated reporter and tease out when you’re a mandated reporter, and when you’re not.

Bills that come out of conference committees are not subject to amendment and can only be voted up or down.

The conference committee used a procedure known as "gut-and-go" to put the contents of the House bill into a Senate bill that originally dealt with regulation of propane.

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Those bible thumping zealots will not understand that font and paper size will not deter those determined to do what they are going to do.