Amateur webcam service

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Amateur webcam service

The cloud based backup is just an unnecessary way to get more $$$out of you. Some of us know what we are doing, and it looks dangerously like you are trying to gain some extra revenue from those that do not.

I have 2 wireless Amcrest cameras that work flawlessly anywhere in the world with their app and makes this look like amateur hour in contrast. Being a computer tech that knows how to setup his own network I do not like being asked to pay for a proxy server when it worked just fine.

Be sure to select the correct satellite – be it Ex-Alta 1 or any other QB50 satellite – from the dropdown menu. An account on the mission server website is required so that all uploads can be matched to a name or callsign, and a running tally of successful contacts can be maintained. Any further questions or concerns can be sent to the Alberta Sat team via the Contact Us page. Stay up to date by joining the Alberta Sat mailing list.

The beacon is programmed to broadcast every 30 seconds. If you need more information for your setup to successfully receive and decode signals from Ex-Alta 1, please use the Contact Us page. Any files, recordings, or information collected by radio amateurs can be uploaded to the QB50 mission server through the link below.

Ex-Alta 1 is being deployed from the International Space Station, so that is a good place to start until we get better tracking information. A very useful blog to read is available from Daniel Estévez/EA4GPZ/MOHXM.

This blog details contacts with GOMX-3, which flew the same radio as Ex-Alta 1.

The i Cam Source software supports Windows Vista/7/8/10 and mac OS 10.9 and later.Updates relating to operations and commissioning will be sent out (at most) daily following deployment. The primary radio for interfacing with the satellite is an ground station copy of the one being flown.While the beacon format and information sent during downlink are not similar, the modulation, encoding, antenna, and protocol are identical.Read about it here, and try searching for GOMX to see all the relevant blog posts.

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Ex-Alta 1 is registered with the ITU under an amateur radio designation. (Oscar November Zero Three Charlie Alpha) Nominal service is 4k8 GMSK on 436.705 MHz.

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