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However, a physician who because of acute illness or unforeseen emergency is unable to provide the notice thirty days prior to the last date of seeing patients shall provide the notice required by paragraph (C) of this rule no later than thirty days after it is determined that the physician will not be returning to the health care entity.(3) The notice shall include all of the following:(a) A statement that the physician will no longer be practicing medicine at the health care entity; (b) The date on which the physician ceased or will cease to provide medicine services at the health care entity; (c) If the physician will be practicing medicine in another location, contact information for the physician subsequent to leaving the health care entity; (d) Contact information for an alternative physician or physicians employed by the health care entity or contact information for a group practice that can provide care for the patient; (e) Contact information that enables the patient to obtain information on the patient's medical records. At first I was not attracted to this surgeon, in fact, I was annoyed with him and tried to change doctors. At appointments, he spent a great deal of time with me, 20-30 minutes, and did all the dirty work like cleaning incisions, bandaging, etc. A friend told me I am suffering from transference, but I don't think so. He would sit in my room and chat about non-medical things.Replaces: part of 4731-27-01 A physician-patient relationship is established when the physician provides service to a person to address medical needs, whether the service was provided by mutual consent or implied consent, or was provided without consent pursuant to a court order.Once a physician-patient relationship is established, a person remains a patient until the relationship is terminated.(A) Except as provided in paragraph (B) of this rule, a physician shall comply with the following requirements in order to dismiss a patient from the medical practice:(1) Send notice to the patient that includes all of the following:(a) A statement that the physician-patient relationship is terminated; (b) A statement that the physician will continue to provide emergency treatment and access to services for up to thirty days from the date the letter was mailed, to allow the patient to secure care from another licensee; and (c) An offer to transfer records to a new provider upon the patient's signed authorization to do so.(C) Except as provided in paragraph (D) of this rule, a physician who is an independent contractor or who has an ownership interest in a health care entity shall provide notice in compliance with the following requirements when leaving, selling, or retiring from the health care entity where the physician has provided physician services:(1) The notice shall be sent to all patients who received physician services from the physician within the two-years immediately preceding the physician's last date for seeing patients; (2) The notice shall be provided as authorized in paragraph (A)(1) or (A)(2) of this rule.(a) The notice shall be sent no later than thirty days prior to the last date the physician will see patients or upon actual knowledge that the physician will be leaving, selling, or retiring from the health care entity, whichever is earlier.

Replaces: 4731-27-01 (A) When pursuant to section 4731.228 of the Revised Code a health care entity provides to patients a notice of the termination of a physician's employment, the notice shall be provided in one of the following ways:(1) A letter sent via regular mail to the last address for the patient on record, with the date of mailing of the letter documented; (2) An electronic message sent via a HIPAA compliant electronic medical record system or HIPAA compliant electronic health record system that provides a means of electronic communication between the health care entity and the patient and is capable of sending the patient a notification that a message has been received and is in the patient's portal.

(F) Nothing in this rule shall limit the board's authority to investigate and take action under section 4731.22 of the Revised Code.

I found later that others who went to him had only a few seconds to a few minutes with him during appointments, and that he sent in his nurse or PA to do the dirty work.

It was just my leg, but I found myself admiring his hands! One of my friends says this doctor is probably just comfortable with me and uses the extra time to take a little break from the routine. I have never seen your picture, but I would bet that you are attractive.

Maybe I should just put this aside and assume if he is interested and available that he will find a time and a way to approach me? Your surgeon was initially aloof, brief, and arrogant—in other words, a typical surgeon. However, it takes a man less than a second to determine if a woman is attractive.

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As used in section 4731.228 of the Revised Code and this chapter:(A) "Health care entity" has the same meaning as in section 4731.228 of the Revised Code.