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Altternative dating services

Many consumers and businesses use dispute resolution programs — mediation and arbitration — as an alternative to going to court.Some businesses require consumers to arbitrate their disputes and waive their right to go to court.Disappointed by a product or service you’ve paid for? Most businesses want to keep you happy so you'll keep coming back.These strategies and our sample complaint letter can help.These services were available to residents of La Plata and San Juan Counties in southwest Colorado.One of the first goals of AH was to open a permanent shelter for women who were being abused and their children.You can solve many consumer problems by talking to a store employee, or if you bought the item online, by returning to the website.

The mission of Alternative Horizons is to provide support and alternatives to survivors of domestic violence and their families while striving to strengthen our community through education and prevention efforts.

If the employee doesn’t have the authority to help you, ask for a supervisor or manager.

With each person, calmly and accurately explain the problem and what you would like them to do.

In the beginning these women volunteered as both members of the Board of Directors and peer-counselors on the 24-hour hotline.

In addition to the hotline, AH also offered a network of volunteer safe homes for stays of up to three nights.

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File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at