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Afr can cam chat g rls

To evaluate students, the OECD uses the Program for International Student Assessment, a test that measures 15-year-olds' math, reading, and science abilities.When it comes to math, the picture is grim: Jordan, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates are the only three countries in which boys are significantly So it's clear that around the world, girls are better at math than they think they are. Here, there seems to be no pattern to the rankings.

***To close some of these gaps, the OECD recommends addressing "stereotyping" in order to engage more girls in math and science, expanding affordable child care, and ensuring greater access to finance for female entrepreneurs.The OECD doesn't get down to that level—it simply compares the wages of all male workers with those of all female workers.From the looks of it, women make the least compared with men in South Korea, Estonia, Japan, and Israel.His very own Runtown Foundation, that aims to empower the African child, has made strides in spreading awareness of this plight across the continent.The charming, award-winning muso sat down with e NCA's Mbali Langa, to elaborate on his music career and missions of good will.

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The Netherlands also has a big gap, showcasing the major downside of all those women working part-time.