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Advice dating shy guys

If there's a second date where he still doesn't seem like he's going to touch you, YOU make the move and give him a kiss. 7 reasons why you should make the first move Follow Gurl, pretty please!

That should give him the confidence he needs to kiss you back.

Source: Shutter Stock When it comes to kissing, you may have to (once again) take control of the situation.

Go on a first date and see how it goes - if it was awesome, but he never made a move, see what happens next.

However - and this is important - don't play dumb for this. But if you're having trouble with your Chemistry homework and you know he aced it, ask him if he can give you some tips.

Guys love being asked for help and they love being able to give that help.

It's even more frustrating when people assume your shyness means that you're not interested or just being mean.

This time, you need to let him in on how you feel about him.

Again, you could wait for him to do it first, but that's lame and also it might take a while.

You don't have to be like, "I LOVE YOU..." you can just say, "I really like talking/being with you." Say it however feels best for you.

It's scary, but at least once it happens you'll find out how he feels!

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