Adventures in internet dating blog

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Adventures in internet dating blog

The minimal design of the Aikuma app and the use of touch-screen phones allow for an intuitive method of recording.

The speakers record themselves by just pushing the record button, holding the phone to their ear and talking as if they were making a phone call.

A particularly useful feature of the app is the ability to add a time-aligned audio translation.

Most of the minority language speakers in Brazil speak Portuguese as well.

At the moment the layers bring just snippets of our archive to the surface, and we’re excited to bring the full depth of our materials to bear in future collections. As this is a pilot project, we look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions, and we'd love to hear ideas for future implementations.

The files highlight some of the most intriguing aspects of the Rosetta database. "The spacecraft was unknowingly 'discovered' on November 7th by astronomers in Arizona scanning the skies for Earth-threatening asteroids.

75 miles away from the nearest town, the villagers do not have internet access and are not familiar with the latest technological devices.A translation of the recordings in a language that is more widely spoken can help ensure that the content of the recordings will be understood even if the language loses its last speakers in the future.We are testing out a crowd-sourced method of translation and subtitling of our Seminar series called Dot Bird and his colleagues provided the Usarufa people with Android cell phones, equipped with the app, to record themselves speaking their language.The Usarufa language is still spoken by only about a thousand people.

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The pilot project turned out to be very successful.