Accomodating student

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Accomodating student

I recommend you call a college and speak to Disabled Student Services. I can’t remember anything I read no matter how many times I re-read the same thing. Then I go into the test and can’t come up with the answers. I need 20 minutes to think of what I want to say and then the time has run out. I can pay attention for five minutes and then my mind wanders. I am now an adult and I have had employment throughout my life without letting anyone know of my daily (and by the minute) struggles.

I get so tired I can barely get through the school day. How do you break a child out of the shell of embarrassment without letting them feel like they are less than the rest of their peers?

Talk to the psychologist or educational specialist helping you to determine what is best for your situation.

Classroom Accommodations: I completed my Bachelors and Masters Degrees after my TBI!

This could be a sticky note on the desk or a hand on a shoulder For Behavior• Use a behavior plan with a reward system.• Praise good behavior.

Ignore other behavior as long as it isn’t disruptive• Talk through behavior problems one-on-one.• Monitor frustration.

” Before answering, let’s look at some of the reasons this is even an issue.Nearly all schools require documentation of disability and recommendations in order to provide accommodations.To help you understand what accommodations might be appropriate for you or your student, we have prepared a partial list of commonly recommended accommodations on the next page.Concerns about passing the school year, graduating high school, or graduating from college with a degree are often expressed. Accommodations are special services or arrangements designed to help survivors overcome and offset injury related limitations.Frequent complaints from students with brain injury include: Most of the time, school systems are very willing to provide accommodations to students with brain injury. Students and parents often don’t know that many kinds of accommodations are available to help students succeed.

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For Organization• Use assignment notebook.• Provide an extra set of books to keep at home.• Provide folders and baskets of supplies to keep desk organized.• Color code materials for each subject.• Written schedule for daily routines.

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