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Researchers did discover that the rate of power development increased more in the group of athletes using bands after five weeks of training.

There were also some greater improvements to strength and lean muscle mass for the VRT group, although the total loading was relatively higher.

This has the effect of increasing the resistance toward the end of the concentric phase of the lift.

VRT is a relatively new aspect of training, and as such has not been well studied.

Perhaps the most important reason to use VRT is to improve the rate of power development.

Increasing concentric resistance creates a need to accelerate continuously.

For example, the leverage for most movements is typically greater toward the end of the concentric phase and so more weight can be used.

Nick Not trying to be picky here guys, but the bands and chains serve two different purposes. I just ordered both from Elite along with the video on accomodating resistance. The problem with bands is that they are pretty tiring on your CNS especially on bench which is hard on your shoulders you should cycle them with chains and straight weights.It was as effective at developing strength as lifting heavy weights with no elastic bands, but it might be even better at increasing power development.In the study, the researchers used a band load that represented 30% of each participant’s 1RM, subtracting that same amount from the weight lifted.You have to kind of rig them up so that it overlaps 5 times at the bottom or so to get good work out of it.You can hang a rope down from the bottom of your stroke and then double/triple/etc the chains up to the length that gets your whole stroke with the rope included.

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Yes they both accomodate resistance, but the bands add accelerated eccentrics to the lift, where the chains just lighten on the way down, they dont pull down like bands. This will be my first venture into contrast training since starting Westside about eight months ago. With squats you are more able to use them all the time but I still like to switch to chains now and then to give myself a deload as well as reducing the actual load.