Abby lincoln nigel uno dating fanfiction

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Abby lincoln nigel uno dating fanfiction

""And this is the middle of summer."The two boys looked at each other. Stickybeard and his candy pirates smirked as they begin to climb down. "Why is it Numbuh 5 has to do these things by herself? The sixth was a male with Stitch's physical structure.

Hoo boy."As the two boys danced around, they are unaware that danger is coming down the chimney. Back inside, the two boys moved out of the way as Numbuh 5 came in..a big rocket! She was Salina "Lust" Pelekai, The Fifth oldest and only female of Stitch's children. ""Geez, didn't you understand a word, shepherd? " laughed Pete evilly."You're the same stupidhead who ate our mommy! Up on the stage, the narrators looks on as Goofy said, "Gawrsh. He leaves slamming the door on his way out."Oh no." groaned Ariel as she sat down worried.

One big explosion later, Stickybeard and his candy pirates were covered in black ash."Arrr... To his surprise, he sees some sort of sleeping satyr in the roses." narrated Goofy. He had blue groomed outer-fur, and his inner-fur (Underbelly) was a lighter blue. An earthquake is a serious thing, especially to the village."What can we do?! His name was Mickey Mouse, the mayor of the village. She had on a pink bow, a pink dress, and pink high-heels along with the Divine Ross Keyblade on her shealth. I just have a habit of reacting before knowing the full story and get it wrong a lot. For all we know that coudl be..." said Sid."A tidal wave!

Except the cannonball instead was reflected back and went back into the cannon. Then we see Chuckie walking through the garden trying to keep his mind off of the problems his kingdom was facing."That is until one day, King Finster was taking a walk in his garden. The eighth was a male with Stitch's physical structure. They need the mayor's help before it's too late! One of them is a three-foot tall mouse humanoid with big black ears, a black nose, a red short sleeved zipped-up jacket with black short sleeves, white gloves, red cargo shorts, and big yellow and black shoes. You keep telling these lies, no one will listen to you when trouble really happened."Goofy admit, "Well, okay, so I DO exaggerate a lot, but I never flat out lie. "Back in the village, the people there were once again minding their own business until a certain shepherd rushes in and yelled, "Tidal wave!

"Our kingdom will be very rich after we get this touch.""But there are a lot of things more important than gold! No offense honey, but you wore that crown way too long. The fifth was a female with Angel's physical structure. He turned to the direction of the village and yelled, "Lion! " said Jack Spicer, more eager to see the gold himself and get his castle."I am? I am, I am...""Let's get going." said Jack Spicer as he takes Ariel to where she will do her 'family secret'."Okay, I will see you tomorrow then." said Sora with a sad sigh. He is starting to love her, big time."Goodbye, Sora! The girl looks worried as Jack Spicer stood near the door."Okay listen up. Donald comment,"I am the terror that flaps in the night!

Sure gold sounds nice, but..."Chuckie dear, relax." said Angelica pulling her husband aside so they could talk in private. He was Kooky "Envy" Pelekai, The Fourth oldest of Stitch's children. Then you don't mind spinning us a room full of gold right now! Of course, it looks like a dungeon than a royal room. All but my voice that is."Suddenly an explosion occurred as someone laughs. It is Donald, only he is dressed as a weird guy with raggy hair, gnome like clothes, and Arabic shoes. I guess it was just the smoking entrance that set something off in me.""Who..are you? This weird guy has appeared out of nowhere right in the room."Ha! Anyway, I got no time for your compliments or complaints! Look at this gold..." Ariel takes another look in the room and gasped, "Gold?! Frankly, I am appalled to be compared to that genocidal monster just because I can't mention my name without ruining the parody."Ariel rolls her eyes as she continues singing. But sadly, no close to finding Donald's stage name. And it looks like Ariel will never see Melody again." narrated Donald. Next time, I'm letting that other duck do that!

For those who haven't heard of the fic or haven't seen it, the Muppets in the said special retell the 6 classic fairy tales you all know and love. Everyone got into their seats quickly as the Milt Appleday Characters begins to perform. The other one is a boy about ten-years-old with a blond mullet hairstyle, who was wearing a orange hoody with blue jeans and black and white sneakers. " Numbuh 4 asked pointing to the woods."In the woods? "Stickybeard rolls his eye (his only one) as he said, "Why do they be doing it the hard way? We will yowl, and howl, and blow this straw house to smithereens! Check the remains before we go after the next house, men! "Growling, Stickybeard charges at the KND member but Numbuh 5 slams the door on his face. "Inside the house, the two covered themselves with blankets.

If you can't find it on video, then check out Youtube. We hear muttering and applause as the curtain lifts up to begin the first story of the fan-fiction. " Said Gofoy."Yes."We see two boys playing together ramming into each other like little kids. One of them is a fat kid wearing a blue shirt, brown pants, and he is currently a pilot's hat. His name is Wallabee ' Wally' Beatles AKA Numbuh 4."Now these kids lived with their leader Numbuh 1 AKA Nigel Uno. As the two boys rammed each other again, someone appears. He had a bald head and wore sunglasses, along with a red long-sleeved shirt, gray shorts, white socks and brown shoes. " asked the two at once."Precisely." Numbuh 1 said nodding, happy that the two got the idea. "The candy pirates get a cannon out aiming it at the straw house. " laughed Stickybeard as the candy pirates search the straw house getting the candy they could find in there. Geez, Numbuh 5 never get any alone time." groaned Numbuh 5's voice. The pirate cringes as he walks off holding his peg leg which got broken off. The candy pirates thing has them both spoke."Hey, Numbuh 5." said Numbuh 2 scared."Mind keeping those blokes away from us?

We got 6 great stories that can be remaked by us all! "As the music is performed, we see words appearing on the white billboard that tells the stories you will all read in this fan-fictions."The Three KND Members""King Finster""The Goof Who Cried Lion""Rumpleduckskin""Kuzco's New Clothes""The Care Bears and the Halfa Shoemaker"We go inside the theater as two figures, the ones who were speaking, looks in front of the camera. As the crowd goes in to find their seat, Donald continued, "This is the Fanfiction Theater where we will bring you all stories of old! She is a pony-tailed African American girl wearing a red cap wearing a blue shirt named Abigail ' Abby' Lincoln AKA Numbuh 4. "With a laugh, Stickybeard knocks on the door making Numbuh 2 called from inside, "Yeah, who is it? "Numbuh 4 opens the door and yelps as he sees Stickybeard and his candy pirates coming. Once the pirates got near, Stickybeard eyes the house as he said sarcastically, "Oh, house of sticks. " Knocking on the door he said, "Okay, kiddies, I know you two be in there! " laughed the pirate leader as they got their cannon over there. I'm sure Numbuhs 2 and 4 will keep an eye on you even though you are second in command."Yeah! "Numbuh 4's house is made out of sticks." We now see Numbuh 5 getting the brick house she dreams of done as well. They got their houses done and now they are going to enjoy themselves. " That straw house and stick house...""What about them? " said the two laughing as they came behind the dsk."We will take care of ya! "And Numbuh 5 got that house you saw in her blueprints before done. " asked the two in amusement."Trust me, when the adults come, they won't last enough."The two laughs. " gasped Stickybeard as his men tried to climbed back up."Blast off! With a groan, she turns to the audience remarking, "How they got into the Kids Next Door, I still have no clue."Despite this, she and the other two boys look at the fireworks in amazement. The duck said, "We're doing a fan-fiction here and it is not right to eat in front of people who watch.""Geez, Donald, I'm sorry. ""Well, since you asked, that is the subject of our next story. " Goofy clears his throat as he speaks to the audience, "Well, folks, this next story is what Donald was talking about. Donald is already writing down what Angelica just asked for."Quiet, honey." said Angelica eagerly. The kingdom will be filthy rich, rich beyond its wildest dreams. He had retractable antennas, arms, and quills, and he wore a Turquoise and swamp green jumpsuit. " yelled the crowd in agreement."Come on, a tidal wave? The crowd pauses then frowns at the one shepherd who got them screaming and freaking out again."Gawrsh. " asked Goofy sheepishly."Hoo boy." groaned Mickey in disbelief. You overreact too many times." Minnie said shaking her head. ""Hold it, boys." said Numbuh 5 with a frown as she comes over. With a smirk, Numbuh 5 gets a lighter out and lights the fuse. "As the pirates continued to climb up, they smell something, something that is about to be fired."Rocket! Besides that, too much of good thing can't be good at times."" you mean? " asked Goofy."I'm the star in this story so I'd be right back! " said Donald as he runs off to get into his costume for the next fic."Okay, Donald! He had a big star-shaped grayish/greenish birthmark on the left side of his face.

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He wore a midnight blue shirt with a zipper going down the middle, yellow wristbands, a small blue cape of some sort, and a blue hat with a few zippers on it. The other figure is a six-foot-tall dog humanoid, and he had black fur, a tan muzzle, two buck teeth, and he wore a funny yellow hat, red goggles, a green turtle neck, a black vest, white gloves, yellow cargo pants, a black belt, and yellow shoes. It is made to keep away any adults, especially candy pirates! For someone who is second in command, she sure knows her desiugns.,"Well, how cute." Numbuh 1 said with a grin."Uh..what? He didn't say what she thought he said."A picture of a house! "As Numbuh 5 looks at the blueprints and Numbuh 1 in concern, the leader said, "Don't worry, Numbuh 5. "Numbuh 2 made his out of straw." We now see Numbuh 4 finishing his up with sticks. "Man, you guys are crazy." groaned Numbuh 5 as she came over to the two. I mean we are too strong and too smart for those cruddy adults! He wears a pirate hat, an eyepatch, a black coat, black gloves, a black belt, black pants, a brown boot, and a candy cane pegleg.