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3he helium age dating

(2014), Freshwater lenses as archive of climate, groundwater recharge, and hydrochemical evolution: Insights from depth-specific water isotope analysis and age determination on the island of Langeoog, Germany. Conchetto (2014), A multi-tracer study of groundwater origin and transit-time in the aquifers of the Venice region (Italy). Bosch, “Helium as a Semi-Quantitative Tool for Groundwater Dating in the Range of 104 to 108 Years,” In: Isotopes of Noble Gases as Tracers in Environmental Studies, International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, 1992, pp.

Stute, “Dating of Shallow Groundwater: Comparison of the Transient Tracers 3H/3He, Chloroflourocarbons, and 85Kr,” Water Resources Research, Vol.

The uncertainty of the tritium and noble gas measurements results in a typical 3H/3He age precision of better than 2.5 years in this case.

However, the measurement uncertainties for the noble gas concentrations are insufficient to distinguish the appropriate excess air model if the measured helium concentration is not included.

Cherry, “Tritium and Helium 3 as Groundwater Age Tracers in the Borden Aquifer,” Water Resources Research, Vol.

Clark, “A 3H/3He Study of Groundwater Flow in a Fractured Bedrock Aquifer,” Ground Water, Vol.

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The reproducibility of the tritium measurements was 13.5%. Applied Geochemistry, Elsevier, 2014, 50, pp.130-141.

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