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According to Documents 98, the Lequios were big, bearded, and white men. So there are only three possible places in the Philippines that could be identified as Ophir, they are Luzon, Mindoro, and Bohol.They were only interested in gold and silver when trading at Ophir. In Genesis -30 “ And Heber were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg, for his days was the earth divided and his brother’s name was Yoktan.Settlements were found in India, Burma, Sumatra, and Vietnam (Annam and Cochin China).Spanish records mention of a mysterious people known as Lequios.Another ritual is "Tampuda" - when two warring tribes are inconflict with each other, they will dug a hole and put a pig inside the hole. This is very similar to the Hebrew's practice of "Propitiation".Each tribal chieftain or Datu who are in conflict with each other take turn in spearing the pig until it dies. Then they cover the hole and the two chieftains exchange a porcelain cup signifying that there is peace between them. After the death of King Solomon, Ophir was abandoned and soon forgotten.

Therefore in the islands of Ophir the people speaks Ancient-Hebrew language.One of the common practice of tribal Filipinos which is similar to the Jewish Sacrifice is the shedding of the blood of animals.As in my tribe the Higaonons of Bukidnon a ritual called "Pamuhat" is conducted during harvest and planting season wherein a blood offering is made to the creator.NAM’s information is intended to support, rather than replace, consultation with a healthcare professional.Talk to your doctor or another member of your healthcare team for advice tailored to your situation.

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Modern historians variously identified them as Okinawans, Koreans, or Vietnamese.