2 way sexy video chat

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For long-term monitoring, the app records five-second video clips whenever it detects motion.

From the monitor device, you can start a two-way video/audio conversation with the video device.i Cam Spy may not be the most full-featured app, but it has a great-looking, easy-to-use interface and produces high-quality video—probably because it only works over Wi-Fi.When you connect to i Cam Spy to view your surveillance feed, the app asks if you want to view the feed in Wi-Fi or 3G/4G mode.Luckily, the app works well with older i OS devices, including the i Phone 3GS, the i Pad 2, and the fourth-generation i Pod touch.i Cam Spy (; Android and PC/Mac) is a little different from Presence: Instead of using two mobile devices, it requires an Android device for monitoring and a PC with a webcam and microphone for surveillance.

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You can also dim the screen to help save battery life, though you should probably keep your camera device plugged in if you’re going to be streaming for a while.