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We have layers, and like all women, we are complicated and splendid creatures.Candice: There seems to be a stronger reaction to Black men who date outside their race than Black women who do the same. But when men do the same, it’s often seen as a betrayal. Christelyn: Actually, I’ve experienced that in the reverse.“Love who you love.” That is what is said at least.So why is Interracial Dating and #Black Love still a thing?Most of our decisions and tastes stem from our past experiences and our environments. As much as I want to sit here and think that we are all peaceful and loving beings, I do have to point out that we all have prejudices. You’re free to do what you will, as long as you are sincere with your intentions.There should be a point, however, where interracial dating isn’t a “thing” anymore. On the other side of that, black women should never feel that men in their own community don’t desire them, vice versa.To skip to the group discussion, go to in the episode.If, like us, you spent all weekend indoors watching 13 Reasons Why, then prepare to be thrilled because we have some really great news for you.

Steven, Jerel, Kyle and I come from different backgrounds. At the end of the day there is no right or wrong with this subject.Candice: Why do you think there are so many Black women who don’t consider dating outside their race? Our country’s shameful history of slavery is often used as a club to beat Black women into submission about dating interracially, particularly when it comes to white men. I would say that if you’re the type of person who is overly concerned with what other people think about your life, then interracial dating is not for you.I’ve often been called by my critics, “The Chief Bed Wench,” because I’m seen at the forefront of this issue. But many Black women are sensitive to that kind of insult and outright disapproval. We want the people in our lives to approve of the men we bring home. It comes down to what makes you happy and what makes your heart feel like it’s found its home.Necessity is the mother of invention when it comes to the work I do!I also advocate because Black women are at a unique dating disadvantage in America.

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So I decided to talk to interracial relationship expert, Christelyn Karazin, Brand Ambassador for Interracial Dating Central.com, who gave her thoughts on the subject and why she is an interracial dating advocate particularly for Black women.

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